How to install an electrical wiring layout

What is electrical wiring layout? It is the physical connection between an electrical system and circuit. Before the real installations, electricians come up with a diagram representation of how the system will look like. Simple images and symbolic figures are used. Electricity is a necessity but if not properly installed it turn hazardous. To ensure safety, you should ensure that proper wiring is done. You will be able to know the power loads, the breakers and the control switches to each. How then are you supposed to install the right electrical wiring layout? Read on.


electrical wiringPlanning is key to any successful project. You must figure out and understand which part of your house is assigned which function and where the electronic devices and appliances are placed. This is the only way to work out a functional design.


A normal household should have electronics like refrigerators and AC which needs more current than others. If it is a place of work, there are some equipment’s which are more electrically powered. Having specific circuits for such heavy machines is important.

Number of electrical outlets

It is important to figure out the total number of outlets in the house. Many people assume this only to realize they needed more power outlets after installation are already done. The best way to solve such is by installing additional receptacles so that you never run out of power sockets.

Install the GFCIs

Ground fault circuit interrupters are a must for assured home safety in wet locations. The GFCIs cut the power to the circuit when there is a power short. This way, electrical hazards are reduced by a greater percentage.

Height of receptacles

switchThey should be installed at a comfortable height. For instance, place them at a desk or waist height. This way, you will not be needed to bend to plug or unplug. A knee height should be used for items such as TVs, floor lamps, etc. installations in a workshop should be done higher than in a home setting.

Label the switches

All switches in the breaker box should be labeled. This is useful in case of emergencies; you will not waste time trying to figure out which switch controls what. Labelling will as well be useful during reinstallation or upgrades of the electrical wiring. The above are among the safety tips during installation of an electrical system. Make sure to observe them for electrical safety.