Traveling during summer can expose you to unwanted pests such as bed bugs. You might be wondering where you are going to meet bedbugs. The pest is common in areas where a large number of people come and leave. Public transport and hotels are among the common areas where you can meet bedbugs. Many people think that bedbugs only exist in dirty places, this is a myth. The pests feed on the blood of a human, which is their host. This means it can habit anywhere whether clean or dirty as long as there is blood. You do not have to stay at home fearing to meet bedbugs because this article will give you tips on how to keep yourself safe from bedbugs. Read on.

Keep bedbugs away from your home this summer

Knowledge is power

bedbugsBeing able to identify a bedbug is important. How does it look like? Secondly, you should be able to inspect a room for the presence of bedbugs. This way you will call for bedbug removal services if you notice any. A bedbug is normally reddish-brown with a flat oval body. A mature bedbug is about a fifth of an inch long.

Know how to inspect a room for bedbugs

Immediately you enter a hotel room; you are advised to inspect the room for the bugs before unpacking. Do not place your clothes on the bed before confirming that it is bug-free. Place your suitcase on its holder if provided or leave your luggage hallway, take them in after carrying out a full inspection. Do not only inspect the surfaces but also check for bloodspots in the sheets seams and box springs. Carefully examine the seams of wood and the cervices.

Be careful when arriving home

As you travel back home, make sure that no pests are hiding in your luggage. Many people carry them home without their knowledge. All your travel clothing should be packed in paper bags and thrown in the washing machine immediately you get home. Undress on a hard surface instead of the carpet. You can easily notice and pest from a hard surface. Wash all your clothes from the trip with hot, soapy water and wipe the rest thoroughly.

Inspect second-hand goods before purchasing

mattress with bedbugsWho does not love garage sales? Many people are not aware that the goods bought here could bring bedbugs to your home. If you are purchasing second-hand clothes or furniture, please inspect it first and a certain that it is bedbug free. The clothes should be washed with hot water immediately they get home. The furniture should be carefully inspected and wiped off before taking it to your house.