Choosing an Access Door

There are many types of access doors on the market. However, these doors essentially serve a similar role, which is usually to conceal some opening on the wall or ceiling. They come in various sizes and designs. Some access door manufacturers also address the needs of individuals with special needs by making custom units if need be. If you are shopping for an access door, are some essential factors worth looking at before making a purchase.


Where do you intend to mount the access/panel door? This is an important factor to consider when buying an access door. Access door installations are informed by the access door ratings. See to it that you use the pick a door with the right ratings for that specific application. Ratings are especially important when installing fire rated access doors.

The material you are installing the panel into

The material on which you mount the access door panel matters a lot. For instance, you might plan to install it on drywall. Installations made on the walls are technically different from those made in other areas like the ceilings. The essence of assessing the material that you mount the access door is to ensure the access door meets both its functional as aesthetic requirements.

Fire ratings

Another significant factor to look at when choosing a fire rated access door is the fire rating. The acudor fw 5050 access panel door enjoys a decent power rating. But first, there are two things to look at when it comes to the subject of fire ratings. The fire ratings of the access door itself and the walls or ceiling where they are installed. The Underwriters labs specializing in rating access doors meant for wall mounting whereas Warnock Hersey rates those used in the ceiling. Always look for the respective logo when shopping for these doors.


access panel

Some applications require secure access door to keep unwanted persons and vandals away from the access panels. You need to analyze your security situation and pick an access door that gives you the security you deserve. Determine whether you need a medium or high-security access panel.

The decision to choose one access door over another is often inspired by a specific need. You could be looking for a unit that will see you enhance your security without compromising the aesthetics of the walls or ceiling where it is installed. Make sure you choose a panel that serves you right by evaluating the parameters described earlier in this write-up.